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Engl 459

ENGL 459: Advanced Composition and Rhetoric (Paster)   459 syllabus

ENGL 459, Advanced Composition and Rhetoric, positions writing as both a topic of inquiry and a skill to be developed and honed.  It is built around the following assumptions: that writing is an activity and a subject matter; that one learns to write by writing and receiving feedback on that writing; that writers need to be aware of their own writing processes; and that students’ own writing should be the focus of instruction.  This class pushes students to improve their writing by tending to their processes as well as to stylistic matters. At the same time, it introduces composition studies as a field and highlights many issues central to composition theory by exploring the ways in which discourse intersects with ideology, culture, and questions of identity.  By inviting students to write in a variety of genres (including the literacy collage and the literacy collage analysis), students reflect on academic discourse in critical and productive ways.