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Engl 300

Engl 300: Standard English: Fact, Fiction, and Reality  (Childs)


In this course we will examine the ideological construct of Standard English through a number of lenses (historical, cultural, political, and educational among others).  Coming from a standpoint of the history of English, we will come to understand the ways in which a standard English ideology was used to reinforce political, economic, and social positions within society- the Facts.  We will then move to a discussion of the methods which institutions and various groups in our society have used tried to promote standard English as a homogenous entity without any variation – the Fiction. Bringing the discussion forward to modern English, we will unpack the differences between written and spoken language and the ways in which the “standard” can and cannot apply to such modes of English use- the Reality.   This class will challenge us to think about the role of standard English in our own lives and the limitations and opportunities that standardization imposes on our language use.